Teeny Tigers - Toddler Class

Suitable for ages 2-4 years.

Teach your child important life skills with a tailor made age specific curriculum that is fun and engaging.

Your child will learn to:

         Develop a preference for physical activity.

         Control movement utilising balance and co-ordination.

         Develop strength, flexibility and focus.

         Develop basic kickboxing skills.

Classes are 30 Minutes long, broken into warm-up, stretch and learning, which will include basic Kicks & Punches. You will work through games and activities with your child side-by-side providing a great opportunity to bond.

This session is for women and children only. Mothers/guardians must stay with their child for the duration of the session.

Class details:




Regal Community Centre, Ridgefield Road, Oxford, OX4 3BY


Classes resume in September 2021- contact us for details


5 per session